Why You Should Consider a Television Display at Your Reception

Photographs at your wedding reception


In the course of planning a wedding, purchasing a television usually isn’t at the top of the list. At the same time though it’s not at all uncommon for couples today to want to broadcast photos, slide shows, or even short videos at receptions or after parties (or sometimes at a rehearsal dinner). This can be done in a variety of ways, and is perhaps most commonly done through a projector. But there’s also some logic to the idea of investing in a good television for these kinds of exhibitions also.

For one thing, image quality makes a big difference in whether or not these slide shows and the like are appreciated. As was stated among some tips for a great wedding slide show, you shouldn’t find yourself “squinting to bring a picture into focus” at this sort of event — and high-quality photos are among the things that really make a slide show worthwhile. This goes for the quality of your display also though. A projection often produces a faded, grainy, or off-balance image that really can’t hold the guests’ attention, or which can seem somewhat cheap or haphazard. By contrast, a high-end modern television can make even a so-so photograph look fairly stunning, and can thus make for a far more engaging feature during your wedding reception or after party.

Another important point, if you’re considering this kind of decision, is that you will of course be investing in a TV you get to keep, also! With so much of your wedding budget ultimately going toward temporary products, rentals, or food and drink, the idea of buying a feature that you can actually keep and make use of may actually be quite appealing. If you’re thinking this way though, you should give some thought to how you intend to use the television when making your selection process. These machines are so impressive and capable today that they can seem almost interchangeable — and for purposes of displaying slide shows or videos, they’re all more than up to the task. But according to this up-to-date Very TV buying guide, the subtle differences (say, between OLED and 4k displays, smart TVs, etc.) can relate to different activities. Take the time to consider if you’ll use it more for films and sports, gaming, streaming, and so on, and find a compatible long-term TV. Any modern choice will make your slide show stunning, but the right TV will continue to serve you well after the big day.

These points — that a TV will give you your best display and that it can stay with you after the wedding — illustrate why a television can be a better option than some of the common alternatives. But we also want to speak to why a photo or video display mechanism in the first place is still worth considering at a wedding. This is the sort of thing about which there is always some debate, and it can certainly be done in a way that is distracting, unnecessary, or even tacky. But there are a few reasons we believe a display for photos and video content is still a nice touch at a reception or party.

First and foremost, it’s a great way to recognise the people you care about. While we’d stress that these slide shows shouldn’t be too long — and should focus largely on the happy couple — they give you the opportunity to show pictures with friends and family as well. It’s wonderful for the people in your social circles to feel like they’re part of the occasion and part of your life together, and including them in a rolling display is a nice way to give them that feeling. Plus, it gives all of your guests a great look at parts of your life, relationship, and history they may not be as familiar with!

Somewhat similarly, a photo display of some kind also gives you a chance to showcase some photos most of your guests may not have seen yet. If you’ve had a recent engagement shoot, for instance, or you took photos for invitations or to document parts of the wedding planning process, they may be some of your happiest, best, and freshest photos. Including a few of these shots can just be a nice way to enhance the celebration of your union, and show guests some enjoyable photos they likely haven’t had a chance to enjoy before on social media or elsewhere (even if some of your engagement photos will certainly have made the rounds by then).

Finally, a photo display also gives you the option of letting guests showcase their photos during the actual reception or party! Photo booths and creative backdrop ideas remain extraordinarily trendy at modern weddings, and if you set these photos up to be shared in an album together, they can easily be displayed on your TV alongside a pre-prepared slide show. It’s a small touch, but it’s a fun switch to make as the reception and/or after party goes on. Switching from images of the happy couple and family to brand new pictures of people having fun at the wedding keeps things festive and fun.

For all of these reasons, we still believe a photo display is a nice feature to have at a wedding reception or party, and we’d suggest setting one up via a new TV is a great way to do it. 

We can help to create that amazing slide show using pictures from your marriage proposal and engagement shoot so why not, give us a call.

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