Complimentary Engagement Shoot with Just Big Smiles

Here at Just Big Smiles, we love an Engagement shoot, or what some others call pre-wedding photos. An Engagement shoot is a wonderful thing to consider before your wedding for so many reasons.  It’s a great time to get to know Karl and Jim and practise being in front of a camera. Your engagement photos are perfect for save the dates, wedding invitations, or used on your wedding day so you’ll want to have your engagement shoot at the beginning of your wedding planning process, or you can simply use the pre-wedding photo as a chance to trial your hair and makeup.  An engagement shoot is a perfect time for you and your partner to take centre stage, but if you’re a little bit camera shy, consider bringing your pets or children along to take away the intensity. Pets are a great distraction from nerves, and their unpredictability can make for some gorgeous, natural engagement photos.

Engagement Shoot

If you’ve got a favourite spot which you often visit together like a woodland where you walk your dogs, you may want to consider it for the location of your engagement shoot. We normally like to go to a park, so if you have kids they can have some fun and if you have an inner child inside you, then, it is a great time to have some fun on the swings and just relax. The aim of the photoshoot is to capture your relationship naturally as you have fun and enjoy quality time together.

Engagement Shoot

Just Big Smiles recognise you have a busy calendar and we will do our best to arrange a time that is good for you and good for the light. Despite what many think, the middle of the day when the sun is high in the sky is not the best time. The sun can create harsh shadows which has to be counteracted with artificial flash which is not ideal for a fun and relaxing shoot. Normally for the best results, is when the sun is rising or setting, at those times the light can be beautiful!

On the day of your Engagement Shoot

A typical engagement shoot would last an hour but if you want to plan for something longer, then no problem.

Watch the Weather

Check the weather a day before the engagement shoot. If the forecast is cold and windy, please wear something warmer so you are comfortable and don’t look frozen in the photographs. If you don’t like the heavy-jacket look, wear a coat that can be easily taken off while the photos are being taken, and then you can put it back on again.

What to do

The shoot is all about you and your other half, so you need to make eye contact in order to create a story. Making eye contact with the camera will make the photos feel like you’re acting, basically, just ignore us.

Engagement Shoot

Hold hands, hug or put your arms around each other, after all, you do love each other!

Engagement Shoot

Chatting to each other as you have your photo taken is another way to take the pressure off you and also ensure your engagement photos look natural but talk about the fun stuff!

Engagement Shoot

What to Wear

Imagine you are going for Sunday lunch, something a little smart but also a little casual and comfy.  You should also think about the colours on your clothes before you head out on your engagement shoot. While matching outfits may be a tad much, you need to make sure the colours you’re wearing complement one another. Opt for solid colours as opposed to patterns which can distract the eye, and try to wear neutral or pastel shades. Keep your jewellery simple, avoiding anything too flashy which will distract from the two of you in your photos

Engagement Shoot

If you are getting married and would like a complimentary engagement shoot with a couple of NorfolkWedding Photographers who will capture all your Love, Laughter and Just Big Smiles, then please do get in touch, Karl and Jim would love to hear about what you have planned for your wedding day.

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