Take Your Wedding Photography Business to the Next Level

Take Your Wedding Photography Business to the Next Level in 2023!

Would you love to become a wedding photographer who stands out from the crowd and in turn elevate your wedding photography business?
We’d love to help, and get you started on that journey; a journey where you value yourself, value your business and feel confident in charging a realistic fee for your work.
Wedding Photography Course

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Wedding Photography Course

Are you considering a career in wedding photography or looking to improve your photography skills?

Wedding photography is both an art and a science. To be a good wedding photographer, you need to have an eye for composition and light, as well as the technical skills to execute your vision.

But no matter how much you practice, your wedding photos never seem to turn out quite as you want them to. The light is always off, or the colours are muted. You don’t know why but feel like you’re constantly struggling against something you can’t see then this 1-day wedding photography course is for you.

Wedding Photography Course

Taking bridal pictures in the winter with low light can be a challenging task. That’s why it is important to know how to use supplementary lighting properly. On this training course, we cover topics such as flash photography and other forms of artificial light – which can be used for taking beautiful pictures even when there is not enough natural light available. We explain how to combine different lighting techniques to create the desired effect and get stunning photos no matter what time of day or season you are shooting in.

We will also teach you about the latest technologies on the market that make flash photography easier, from portable flashes to multi-flash systems. You will learn about different types of modifiers, such as diffusers, reflectors and umbrellas, so you can use them to adjust levels of intensity and shape the light around your subject when needed.

Wedding Photography Course

What you will learn on this training course

*This course is limited to a maximum of 5 delegates, giving you time to shoot and ask questions in a small group of like-minded individuals

This is the course for those looking to improve their wedding photography skills and those looking to break into the world of wedding photography

What you will learn:

  • How to pose a bride and groom, alone and together (a married couple (real people) in wedding attire will be our subjects)
  • How to use natural and supplementary lighting to elevate your pictures
  • How to compose killer photos for your portfolio and clients
  • How to use a real environment to create wedding photographs to elevate your business

Wedding Photography Course

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Who is this course for?

Beginner to intermediate wedding photographers

Wedding Photography Course

The course is limited to 5 people

The course is limited to just 5 people and will have two instructors to ensure you get the most out of the course

Dates, location, time & Cost

September 2023,
Where: The Maids Head Hotel Norwich
Time: 9.30 am – 4. 30 pm
Cost: £397 (including lunch)

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Your Wedding Photography Instructors

Jim Barrett-Smith
Just Big Smiles Wedding Photographer, Regional Winner, Global Wedding photography Winner, Prestige Awards Winner, Luxlife Best Wedding Photography Service

Jim from Just Big Smiles

Angela Adams
BA (Hons), FSWPP Grand Master Photographer, Qualified Photography Judge

Wedding Photography Course

A light lunch is included

Extra Bous for attending the course

BONUS 1: A group critique session of your past pictures from a qualified photography judge in a safe, non-judgmental environment tailored to you as an individual and your group. How to apply critique to consistently develop the quality of your pictures.

BONUS 2: Practice and professionalism – learn how deliberate practices translate to professionalism in your wedding photography business

BONUS 3: Receive a sample shot list to help with consistency during each wedding day and a shooting guide.

GET YOUR SPECIAL BONUS TODAY : How to build a dream portfolio to attract the clients you really want.

Wedding Photography Course


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Further information:

Because we know how isolating being a self-employed Photographer can be you will be invited to a private Facebook group for a limited time period, to allow networking with the other course attendees.
We will have use of the Bridal Suite and social areas of the beautiful Maids Head Hotel in Norwich, a much-loved wedding venue, allowing you to create portfolio-worthy images.

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