Norfolk Wedding Photographers keep busing during Covid-19

2020 got off to a cracking start with our first wedding in February at Norwich Castle, Mark and James had such a special day, full of fun and laughter, but just a couple of weeks later COVID-19 kicked in, bringing an abrupt halt to proceedings.

What does a Norfolk Wedding Photographer do, during Covid-19

At the start of lockdown, we spent a lot of time on email and the phones helping all our lovely 2020 wedding couples re-plan for post-COVID-19. We also wrote some blogs so we could help any and everyone who had to put their dreams on hold.

Doorstep Photography

As the weeks went by, we decided to offer some doorstep photography to help brighten everyone’s day and also to record this unprecedented, once in a lifetime event. This was really well received by the local community and we were so happy to make some fun memories that can be cherished for years to come. Families now have a visual reminder of what they were doing in 2020 during lockdown and have memories to share with grandchildren in their later years.  In the future, history will teach generations to come about death, recession, and all those negative aspects, whereas the pictures we took will tell the story of more family time, resourcefulness, and all the fun in the sun. 

  What does a Norfolk Wedding Photographer do, during Covid-19   

Just Big Smiles was awarded the Best Wedding Photography Team 2020 – Norfolk by Lux

The Global Wedding Awards was launched to recognise the extraordinary work of companies all over the world who shine the brightest. 
Awards Coordinator Jazmin Collins says, “Currently, the wedding industry is facing an unprecedented challenge, though it is one that I know we can power through and emerge stronger on the other side. The wedding industry has long been a difficult one to excel in, and all of our winners are made of outstanding stuff. I am proud of each and every one of my winners and I hope to hear more about your success in the years to come.”  Karl and I were so proud to win such a prestigious award 

What does a Norfolk Wedding Photographer do, during Covid-19


A postponed Norfolk wedding

On the day Lisa and Carl had originally planned to get married, we headed off into Norwich to celebrate what should have been their special day.  Carl and Lisa looked amazing when I met them at the castle for some pictures.  It was certainly strange walking around Norwich taking pictures with not a single person in sight, but it was so great to make their day special despite the postponement.  We are so looking forward to their wedding next year, it will be such a fun day!

What does a Norfolk Wedding Photographer do, during Covid-19


We capture a Marriage Proposal at Sea Palling, Norfolk during Covid-19

Whether you’re school sweethearts, met at work or via a mutual friend, or perhaps you both swiped right, what is for sure is that you have found love, and there is something inside you telling you that you want to spend the rest of your lives together.  We were so lucky to be asked to capture Luke proposing to Molly. It was a moment that I will treasure for many years and am so humbled to be asked to photograph such a magical moment in a couple’s life. Our pictures even made the front page of the Norwich Eastern Daily Press!     We are so looking forward to photographing their wedding in 2022, it is going to be epic!

What does a Norfolk Wedding Photographer do, during Covid-19


Norfolk Wedding Venues and Hotels closed for lockdown,  a perfect time to get some pictures

Whilst everyone was in lockdown, it was the perfect time to photograph some hotels, holiday cottages and wedding venues in Norfolk whilst they were empty. It was great to keep the cameras clicking away and turning COVID-19 into a positive experience. 

What does a Norfolk Wedding Photographer do, during Covid-19


Norfolk free from Pollution

During lockdown there was very little pollution so this was the perfect time to photograph the stars. Late at night I sat in various locations for several hours taking pictures and generally losing all the feeling in my toes and fingers from the cold – I will not be doing this during the winter months or will I! 

What does a Norfolk Wedding Photographer do, during Covid-19

A Maternity shoot

Babies simply do not wait, no matter what is happening in the world around them.   It was just a perfect time: the poppies were in full bloom in a field just outside of Norwich and it was the perfect location for the photoshoot and the sunset was simply amazing.

What does a Norfolk Wedding Photographer do, during Covid-19


A Studio is coming

Just before lockdown, the scaffolding went up to replace the roof on some commercial premises we are renovating.   Unfortunately for 8 weeks, the lockdown prevented us from being able to complete any work. However, we are now well underway and a new Norfolk Photography studio is coming so stay tuned for more updates!
Covid-19 won’t stop Karl and me from having a great time and we just love getting behind the camera and capturing those special moments whatever they might be!
If you are about to propose to your partner somewhere in sunny Norfolk, are getting married or would simply like a family photograph then why not contact Jim or Karl. We can capture some magical moments that you can cherish for years to come, give us a call.

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