Marriage Proposal Photographer captures a proposal during Covid-19

Whether you’re school sweethearts, met at work or via a mutual friend, or perhaps you both swiped right, what is for sure is that you have found love, and there is something inside you telling you that you want to spend the rest of your lives together.

A marriage proposal is a defining moment in both of your lives so if you are planning to propose to your loved one in Norfolk, there are an incredible amount of romantic places you can choose to pop the question.

Marriage Proposal Photographer

Photographing your marriage proposal will allow you to relive this special moment for years to come and share with your family and friends. 

The experience I offer goes beyond photographing your proposal. I help you find the perfect location and can offer advice on things like what time of day to get the best picture.

I have had the true honour of being invited to photograph marriage proposals and they really are incredible moments and something that you really will want to document.


Can the marriage proposal be photographed in secret?

Most definitely! The proposal is a special moment between the two of you and is something that shouldn’t be interrupted or distracted by anything.

I have plenty of mad ideas up my sleeve to make sure I go unnoticed and to date, my presence hasn’t been spotted by the partner being proposed to – even on an empty beach during the Covid-19 lockdown as featured in the Norwich Eastern Daily Press

Before the big day, we’ll jump on a call to identify the perfect location based on the vision you have for your proposal. We can even have a dry run and ensure everything will be perfect, ready for when you ask one of the most amazing questions of your life.

So if you are planning on proposing to your partner and are looking for a couple of Norfolk Wedding Photographers to photograph your marriage proposal, Karl and Jim would love to hear from you. 

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