Tips On What To Ask A Wedding Photographer.

There are lots and lots of wedding photographers in Norfolk, but how do you choose the one that is right for you?  Here is a list of questions on what you need to ask a wedding photographer.


What Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer On The First Enquiry – Wedding show, Email, Website, Instagram or Facebook message

Do You Have My Date Available?

An obvious question but we do get booked up 12-24 months in advance.

What To Ask In An Electronic Communication?

The more information you can provide a photographer the better so they can work out if you require a standard or a custom package. Date, venue and number of guests would be a great introduction.

How Long Have You Been Working as a Wedding Photographer?

Every Wedding is unique, busy and as a photographer, we have to expect the unexpected. A photographer needs experience working in weddings so on your day they are calm and collected, if the photographer is stressed, it will show in the pictures.

Do You Have Insurance?

A professional wedding photographer should have both professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance. Compensation cover should be between £2 million and £5 million, and they should be happy to show you their insurance documents if asked.

How Many Weddings Do You Shoot a Year?

This can help you work out if it’s a weekend job or their full-time business.

Can I See Some Full Wedding Albums? Are All the Images Yours? How Recent Are They?

You’ll get a feel for a photographers style from looking at the portfolio on their website, but to really see if you like the photographer’s work, you need to look through a whole album to see if you like how they take photos in different lighting conditions and if they’re consistent with their quality and style.

Have You photographed at Our Wedding Venue Before?

There are two trains of thought for this question, the first is the photographer may be the resident photographer and may, be a little bored with being at the same venue, so may not provide the best level of service even though they know the lighting and best places. The second train of thought is if a photographer has not been at a venue before, then they should visit the venue before your wedding, come up with a plan and would be more likely to do something different than the resident photographer.

What Do You Love About Weddings And What You Do?

An odd question and may not seem crucial, however, this is about making sure your photographer is a good match for you, they have the passion, and it is not just a job

What To Ask About Wedding Photography Packages

What Wedding Packages Do You Offer?

The average wedding photographer costs £1,500 to £2,000 so anything less than £1000 you should validate your photographer is insured, has the experience and does not have any hidden extras. Custom packages can reduce the price, but you can often get a £1500 photographer for a lot less if you only want digital photographs.

How Much is a Second Shooter?

This is another photographer who will go with the groom and at the wedding be capturing different angles or being in places that your main photographer can’t. A second shooter is a great idea.

Do You Offer an Engagement Shoot as Part of Your Wedding Package?

An engagement shoot is the best way to get comfortable in front of the camera and get to know your photographer before your big day, after all, you need to be comfortable with your chosen photographer to get the best smiles. If an engagement shoot isn’t included with your package, it’s worth negotiating one in or paying extra for one.

What to ask a wedding photographer?

Do You Offer a Printing and/or Album Service?

An album of photos may be included in more expensive packages, otherwise enquire as to how much this might cost and ask to see samples.

What to ask a wedding photographer?

Is Photo Retouching Included in the Price?

Basic editing and retouching of your photos to remove shadows or strands of hair etc. is should be included, but check.

What to ask a wedding photographer?

Do You Offer Any Extras?

This can include free engagement pictures, a photo booth for the reception, or upgrade to parent albums.

What to ask a wedding photographer?

How Will I Receive My Images

Prints? Download them? Disc? USB? Album? Slideshow? Online

Can We Create a Bespoke Package?

For most photographers, this shouldn’t be a problem and they should be happy to negotiate.

What To Ask A Wedding Photographer During Your First Meeting

What photography training have you had?

It is also worth asking about membership of unions or trade bodies, this will reassure you that you are dealing with a professional.

The Guild of Photographers

Member since 2017

What Information Do You Need from Us Before the Wedding Day?

Initially a photographer requires the basic timeline, whether there are any family issues, if a child is fostered and cannot appear anywhere online and if anyone is epileptic. Closer to your wedding and depending on your requirements/package, additional information such as final timeline, suppliers, group shots, etc will be required.

Will I Be Able to Give You a List of Specific Shots We’d Like?

Absolutely and if a photographer refuses, then it is likely the day is more about their vision than yours.

What to ask a wedding photographer?

What Time Will You Arrive at the Venue?

Get it in your contract the times your photographer will be there so you know exactly what you are getting and can ensure you get all the pictures you want of the day. A wedding always overruns so if you have to pay for extra time because you did not get all the photos you wanted then work that into your budget.

How do you get children to pay attention during the group shots?

Check whether your photographer is comfortable working with children.

Will You Be the Primary Photographer on the Day?

Some companies have multiple photographers so you want to know the person you’re talking to is the photographer you will be getting on the day.

What Will You Be Wearing?

Your photographer should look professional and wear something appropriate to the wedding.


What Time Will You Stay Until?

Weddings are very long days and most photographers will leave after the cake has been cut and the first dance done, again consider if your day overruns and check with your photographer how much they will charge.

What to ask a wedding photographer?

How long will all the group photos take?

Have a list of group shots ready so your photographer can give you a rough time and help you plan your day

Will you be using our wedding photos in any marketing/online material?

Remember, you are fully entitled to say ‘no’.

What Questions To Ask Before You Book Your Wedding Photographer

Can I Speak to Some Former Clients?

Any good photographer will be happy to put you in touch with former clients as they know they’ll get great feedback on their work!

Do We Need to Provide You with Food?

It’s completely up to you whether you provide your photographer with food, it’s nice if you do but your photographer should not demand it.

What Is Your Back-up Plan If You Can’t Attend on the Day?

People get ill and family emergencies happen. Check your photographer has a network of fellow professionals they can call upon if circumstances change unexpectedly.

Do You have Back-up Equipment?

Ask what your photographers plan is if they drop a camera, a memory card fails a hard drive crashes or they get a computer virus. You would be devastated if your photographer lost your pictures so check!

How Much is the Deposit and When Do You Need It By?

Much like the final payment, knowing when the deposit is due will help you budget for your wedding and secure your photographer for your date.

How Long Will the Pictures Take to Arrive?

It varies between 2 weeks and 6 months, check with your photographer and this is a great question to ask a former client.

Finally, When Speaking To Your Wedding Photographer

The photographer should make you feel at ease, no question is silly and really your photographer should cover this all for you so when they say ‘do you have any questions’ you draw a blank and feel confident in them Your photographer should answer any questions you have and address any concerns, if you love their work, feel confident with them and feel you can trust them, then get them booked.

If you are planning your wedding and are looking for a couple of Norfolk Wedding Photographers who offer a complimentary engagement shoot and includes wedding insurance in their Platinum Package, then please do get in touch, Karl and Jim would love to hear about what you have planned for your wedding day.

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