Lynford Hall Hotel

Charity Photo Booth at Lynford Hall Hotel

Just a few months ago we heard a charity event at Lynford Hall Hotel that was being organised by a lovely lady called Gill from a local hairdressers’ “Just Hair” in Swaffham, Norfolk. Gill was raising money for the National Autistic Society and had entered a team into the London Marathon.

Lynford Hall Hotel
So, with the date and venue sorted and a mountain of raffle prizes & amazing auction lots from local businesses, Gill and her team turned their attention to the entertainment for the night and booked a DJ but felt they wanted something more as they wanted the night to be memorable for all the lovely guests and came up with the idea of hiring a selfie booth! However, an inflatable booth with a DIY camera producing passport size photos just wasn’t going to provide the experience they wanted at a Dinner and Dance Ball.

Enter Just Big Smiles.
At Just Big Smiles, we offer more than just wedding photography! We have the ‘mutts nuts’ of a printer, which we take to weddings and corporate events and dinner dance events.

Gill found out about Just Big Smiles via word of mouth and after a quick phone call, we went to meet Gill and her team to see how we could help to make the fundraising even more memorable. With lots of ideas, we concluded on a cunning plan of formal and fun pictures!

We arrived at Lynford Hall Hotel at 17:00, set up the booth, checked everything was working as expected and prepared ourselves for the arrival of the guests.

Lynford Hall Hotel

Lynford Hall Hotel

Around 18:30 guests started to arrive and on arrival, we took posed shots of the guests, but we didn’t just stand the guests in front of the camera, we instructed each and every guest on how to stand in order to get the best possible picture. Yes, this took a little longer, but the end result is so much better.  19:30 and it was time for the guests to sit down for dinner, but no time to eat for Karl and I. We simply sat down and printed off just over 100 pictures, placed them in a frame and protective bag and delivered the pictures to each table during coffee.  The smiles and genuine reaction when we provided the pictures to the couples was heart-warming.

Lynford Hall Hotel

During the auction, Karl and I blew up all the props, and set up the fun booth.  By 21:30 the alcohol had been flowing for a good couple of hours, lots of prizes had been won, money spent on an auction and now everyone was ready for the fun shots.  The Just Big Smiles Photo Booth with boxes and boxes of props was open for business.
As the guests try out the guitars, wigs, glasses, masks, feather bowers and so on, Karl just kept taking the pictures, and as every picture is taken it magically floats through the air to my laptop where the guests can review the pictures and select their favourite one for printing.  I then instantly print the picture to 6×4, place in a frame and bag and give to the group, and then off they went to have a dance, only to return to the booth for a second, third and fourth time.

Lynford Hall Hotel

Lynford Hall Hotel Lynford Hall Hotel

It was now 23:45 and everything was coming to a close, so we packed up our gear, recovered our props that had somehow made it all around the ballroom, and at 00:15 said our goodbyes and went home. Another fantastic night spent with some incredible people!

If you are getting married at Lynford Hall Hotel and are looking for a Norwich Wedding Photographer to capture your Love, Laughter and Just Big Smiles, then please do get in touch, Karl and Jim would love to hear about what you have planned for your wedding day.

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