Testimonial – Carly & Nico

Just Big Smiles Testimonial

Carly & Nico’s Testimonial

When you ask someone you don’t know to provide a service, there is always some uncertainty at first and the hope that the right decision was made.
We did some background research on Just Big Smiles and we liked what we saw so we decided to ask them to be our photographers on our wedding day.
We first met Jim and Karl on the day of the engagement shoot. They wanted to know all about our expectations, our likes and dislikes for the big day. They were very attentive and friendly.
During the engagement shoot, we all learnt a bit more about each other and that helped us relax – we don’t normally like having photos taken of us. When we saw the results, we could really see how technically competent they are with cameras, but also how nice their artistic ideas were.
On the big day, when we saw them again, it felt like we were meeting friends – again that helped us relax more in front of the camera to the point of almost forgetting about it.
Jim and Karl’s technical competence was obvious once again, always thinking about what would work and what wouldn’t and making the most of what’s available at the time (fields, sunsets, trees in blossom, etc).
During the group photos, they cracked jokes and created diversions to get people to relax and look amused.
We also liked their nature documentary like approach for some of their photography. Some of our favourite pictures are of people caught off-guard and not knowing they were photographed. They also set up our photo booth and took the photos, which was a good source of entertainment.
In summary, we are very happy that we took the decision to ask Jim and Karl to be our photographers for our big day. We found them friendly, attentive, technically and artistically very competent and we could not recommend them highly enough. When the day was over, it felt quite sad to say goodbye as it felt like we were saying farewell to friends we had known for a long time.