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Hi, I'm Karl

aka Ollie Hardy, living in Swaffham and have been loving photography since I was 8 years old. I never thought I would ever have a career in photography until Jim asked me to help him photograph my first wedding in 2017 and I loved every minute, the rest is, as they say is history!

Norfolk Wedding Photographer

I have been photographing landscapes, wildlife, family and friends for over 30 years. I was so excited when Jim asked me to help him out in the depths of North Norfolk as a second wedding photographer.  

Jim and I have been friends for nearly 20 years and we really know what each other is thinking, we really do work as one.



Jimmy goes with the girls in the morning and I go with the boys, it is so funny when I knock on the door and the boys are still in their boxers shorts, eating their bacon sandwiches totally relaxed about the day.   It’s great fun photographing the boys. I have been to so many pubs all over Norfolk photographing the boys,  I should really be known as the Norfolk Wedding pub photographer.