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Cheap Wedding Photography

Is cheap wedding photography worth it?

So you’re getting married & you have picked the venue, cake, & dresses, & now it's time to pick your wedding photographer.

Maybe you could get some cheap wedding photography by asking uncle Bob who is an amateur photographer but you only get married once and there is NO second chance with the wedding pictures, so why risk it???

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Silver Wedding Package £1,200

The Silver Wedding Package is great value, an engagement shoot, all day coverage, all pictures professionally edited & much more

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Gold Wedding Package £1,800

The Gold Wedding Package has both Jim and Karl photographing your wedding day and includes an engagement shoot, all day coverage, & much more

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Platinum Wedding Package £2,250

The Platinum Wedding Package is the ultimate package and includes a manned photo booth with unlimited 6x4 prints for 2 hours

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What time do you start in the morning?

We like to capture as much as we can so if you are getting your hair done at 7am and you want a photo of your hair being done then no problem I will be there.

What time do you finish at night?

I love weddings, I love wedding cake and I love music, so with every package, if you are rocking a good party, then I am staying to the end. I have been married for 20 years, I love my wife dearly but home to bed or stay out late and enjoy the party, well, there really is no contest, PARTY it is.
Needless to say with every wedding package I am there from Bridal prep to the wedding party late at night.

Will you come to my house to talk me about my day?

With every package, I offer a free kettle inspection & provide helpful advice on how to make a good cup of tea. With every cup of tea there should be quality chocolate biscuits, America runs on Dunkin Donuts, I run on tea & choccy biscuits.
With every kettle inspection, we can discuss your day, come up with creative ideas, & I might even show you the odd wedding picture.

Do you include a engagement shoot?

Standing in front of a camera & then looking at pictures of yourself sucks, I get that. This is why we will have fun. When you are having fun, you are relaxed and when you are relaxed, you make a great picture which makes my job soooooo much easier.
During the couple of hours that we spend together, we will learn lots more about each other so that on your wedding day, you never have to worry about the camera.

When will I receive my wedding pictures?

You will receive all your professionally edited pictures within 4 weeks of your wedding day.
You will receive a full set of wedding pictures in colour & black and white, & it really is up to you choose whether the picture looks best in colour or black and white giving you the choice.
All the wedding pictures will be re-sized for social media, if you are not on social media then well done you, I am impressed!

In your package you have thank you cards what are they?

Ergh one of those jobs that has to be done but often gets forgotten is thank you cards, so with every package, I will produce 50 thank you cards that have 8 images from your day, saving you a job. If you want more, then you have to provide more beer tokens and I can produce any number of thank you cards in quantities of 50.

Do you do albums?

Our Gold & Platinum package includes a wedding album so that you can look back in years to come when you are little older and have forgotten more than you have learnt. With the wedding album, you can have fun playing the game of “who the heck is that”. I had a wedding album for my wedding and 20 years later I still look at it, so from my own experience I totally recommend that you have a wedding album as in about 50 years I will probably be pushing up daisies, unable to pay the cloud services bill so access to your online pictures will cease. In 10 years your USB stick probably won’t plug into anything, but rest assured a good old fashioned wedding album will stand the test of time.

How do I pay you?

Our wedding packages range from £1,200 and I can tailor these to suit your requirements. To secure your date I ask for a £200 deposit and the final payment 2 weeks before your big day. You can pay me by credit card, cash, cheque (not the bouncy ones) PayPal or via Bacs, weekly, monthly or lump sums. We try and make the painful bit as easy and flexible as possible.