Wedding Photography at Barnham Broom

On a beautiful summers day Carly and Nico celebrated their wedding at the wonderful Barnham Broom and what an adventurous day it was.  When I arrive, Carly, our Bride is nice and relaxed, and the bridesmaids are nattering away about the wedding and generally having a lovely morning, Helen’s Hairdressing is already at work on the bridesmaid’s hair. I set about documenting the morning, and from various upstairs windows, I can see my partner in crime Karl photographing Nico our groom.

Yes, Bride and Groom are just across the road from one another so both Karl and I have to ensure that they don’t spot each other during the morning. One of the bridesmaids still has not arrived, she is driving all the way from Dagenham to Norwich and is caught up in traffic but luckily just as Carly closes the door to get into her dress the missing bridesmaid arrives looking very flustered. Time for me to chilax everyone and just slow everything down. Yes, time is against us but I know that our vicar Graham only has one wedding at St Peters church in Cringleford today and that Nico will be expecting Carly to be late. Karl is already at the church with Nico photographing the wedding guests, so a quick text to inform him of our progress ensures that Karl can keep everyone up to date

Carly has a beautiful wedding dress from Maisie May Bridal and 10 minutes before we have to leave the bridesmaids have the unenviable task of lacing the wedding dress up.

Masie May Bridal

It took a long time to lace up Carly’s wedding dress but it was worth it!
As I check my watch I let the girls know we are 5 minutes late, uh oh the wedding dress needs to be tightened, no problem, the bridesmaids have got this. Another check of my watch and we are now 10 minutes late. Carly is totally unconcerned about the time and not at all flustered— good girl!

Bride waiting in BMW Car

I send Karl another text as we are now 20 minutes late. The bridesmaids are downstairs and out of the front door. I run around the house, check the oven is off, doors and windows are locked and generally the house secure. Cool: let’s lock the front door and go. A final check that everyone is good. Girls, you all have your bouquets??? Yes, yes, yes, then a no argghhhhh, Dee jumps out of the car, unlocks the house to find the missing bouquet. Ok, time for me to take some pictures; and smile!

We are now 25 minutes late, a final text to Karl, “on our way.” I load my camera equipment into the car, drive to St Peters, park, and run down the road to the church where Carly is just arriving. I apologise to our Vicar Graham who is totally cool and not worried in the slightest. Some pictures of Carly and the bridesmaids outside the church, and then off I go into the church. Don’t worry Nico she’s here, a little wink and he gave me a huge smile, I am not sure if it was the relief of knowing Carly is here or that he has won a wager on how late Carly will be!

The wedding ceremony is fantastic, Vicar Graham keeps everything light and airy and the wedding guests are all smiling and listening intently. Nicos and Carly’s daughters, Evangeline and Ellas’ readings are beautiful and Beatrix plays the piano, wonderful, what a talented family!

Looking through the lens it is clear to see that Carly and Nico are deeply in love with one another and will enjoy a lifetime of love and happiness together.

St Peters Church Eaton

After the Ceremony, we continue on to Barnham Broom where Emma and her team are waiting with drinks and canopies.

It is now 3 pm, the sun is at its highest point with not a cloud in the sky but due to the delay, getting to the church, all the timings are a little off so Karl rushes around to capture pictures of the tables, favours, and cake along with the wedding guests milling around and then joins me back outside to take some pictures of Carly and Nico having some fun whilst the guests are being seated

After the wedding breakfast it’s time to go outside for group shots, and with some very careful positioning of guests and a little post editing, you will never know which guest has had a little accident with food and drink.

As the sun sets, Karl and I set up the flash gear, give Emma the nod who promptly puts Carly and Nico in a golf buggy and sends them our way. A few snaps later

Sunset shot of bride and groom by pond

The water was like a mirror, a perfect place to capture Carly and Nico having a little kiss and a little time for Carly and Nico to spend some time together. We are done and it’s now time to set up for the first dance and the evening shots.

A quick nod to the DJ and we are ready for you to announce the first dance: let’s do this.

Bride and Groom First Dance

Now onto the last part of the evening, Karl mingles with the wedding guests and does his thing, and I work the Photo Booth, taking some really funny pictures

Barnham Broom

A manned photo booth is a great opportunity for the guests to have some real fun, printing them off as we go, so the guests have a little memento of the night to take home with them.

At 10:54 we take our last photo, pack up our gear, say our goodbyes and trundle off home.

If you are getting married at Barnham Broom and are looking for a Norwich Wedding Photographer to capture your Love, Laughter and Just Big Smiles, then please do get in touch, Karl and Jim would love to hear about what you have planned for your wedding day.

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