About Me

I’m Jim, a passionate photographer who started my photography life with a Praktica MTL 5b, lots of film rolls and a dark room; a great hobby that I enjoyed immensely for many years.

A trip to South Africa drove the need to upgrade to a digital SLR, the first of many DSLR upgrades.

I really enjoy photographing!

The Scary

The Small

The Shy

The Hungry

The Couples

In 2015 my cousin said, hey Jim you have a nice camera and your pictures from South Africa are great can you photograph our wedding?

With some trepidation I agreed, and with plenty of planning, lots of research I photographed the day and throughly enjoyed myself.

On my next visit to my cousins house I noticed that my pictures from the wedding were dotted around the house, filling me with pride and a little confidence.

In 2016 my Mum suggested I photograph my aunts wedding. This would be a massive challenge as I had to work all day in the USA, fly through the night and with a 130 mile drive to the wedding any delay would have meant disaster.  So with less than four hours sleep and the change of time zone I set to documenting her special day.  Despite all the challenges I really enjoyed my time behind the lens and both Bride and Groom were thrilled with the results.

For me learning never stops, and I continue to attend training courses on techniques and new technology and I’m always looking for fresh, new creative ideas.

I love making people smile, and for me everyday is a happy day.  As long as I can get Big Smiles from you before, during and after your special day then I have achieved what I set out to do – Create Smiles!